lobster pinch
grilled tomato puff
yoke pop-up
edible spin art
baked polenta | wild mushrooms
skate schnitzel
nicoise salad
basil crusted filet mignon
pretzels on a wire
spaghetti and meatball
chicken orange fregola
taleggio burger
truffle | quail egg | mini english muffin
light bite beignets
poached beef | olive oil pudding
heirloom potato twists
butternut squash creme brulee
spicy crudite
beet red velvet cake
miso eggplant egg roll
duck | chestnut fried rice
grilled lamb belly
pb&j funnel cake
foie gras wafer crisps
peas + carrots
warm broccoli souffle
brookies and milk | balloon pop up
pear tatin | ginger cream
burrata filled arancini
branzini taco
truffled popcorn haricots
herbed tater tot
korean banchan
scallop on bacon
eggplant lamb ravioli
the plateau
aged gruyere fondue
the plateau from above
spicy cheddar and peach oreo
tart flambe tart
chorizo spiced pork belly taco
green salad
dark chocolate| lavender | candied ginger
roasted broccoli bagna cauda
lemon cream tart
warm blini and caviar
sweet pea parmigiano profiteroles
miso glazed shrimp
smoked cloche pop up
spiced madeleines
chicken satay | rice crisp
fava and mint salad
cider donuts